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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin with a shooting in a baltimore neighborhood. good evening. it happened just before 7:00 p.m. tonight new the intersection of boston street and bela street. details are still coming in. we do know that a woman in her late 30 topos was shot in the -- in her late 30's was shot in the leg. she will be fine. baltimore city police have charged a father with the murder of his infant daughter. they say timothy lewis called police, but ended up confessing to choking his own child to death. >> he cared when police asked them what happened to his
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daughter. -- he caved when people asked him what happened to his daughter. 20-rolled timothy lewis called paramedics -- 20-year-old timothy lewis called paramedics when his baby girl stopped breathing. they were not suspicious of him, but during questioning -- >> his admitted choking the child. >> police are not sure if anybody else was, at the time. the child did have prior injuries that did not contribute to her death. the neighbor says the news cannot be true. >> he was very nice. i do not think so. >> the alleged murder of an intent on their block has neighbors thinking about their interactions with louis and talking about how something so awful could happen to a child a few doors down. >> no, no, no, you cannot put on
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the pressure of no kid. a kid can hurt himself. you have to put up with the kid. he understands the responsibility of a child. >> timothy lewis is charged with first-degree murder along with first and second-degree assault. a check of court records show that he has no criminal past in maryland. >> we have an update on a story we reported at noon. state police continue searching for information after a body was found this morning at a restaurant in howard county. state police received a 911 call around 11:00 about a man sitting in a beige mercedes and a parking lot. the cause of death has not been determined. defense attorneys in the dennis tetso trial nearly got the case
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thrown out of court. he is accused of murdering his wife tracy. his attorney took aim at the lead detective and the trial nearly ended there. >> dennis tetso left court with his legal team manteau who rattled the prosecution today. the defense spent the morning cross-examining the lead investigator in tracy tetso's disappearance. he said that, when tracy strands and was found on march 17, 2005, he arrived at 8:30 a.m., went to meet with dennis at 11:00 a.m. to get his keys, and then opened the car to investigate it around to 30 p.m. the defense challenge to this testimony after producing a document -- around 2:30 p.m.
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the defense challenged this testimony of producing a document that says he used a coat hanger to open the door of the trans am, something the prosecution and the detective failed to mention. did better would became animate and allowed, calling the detective a liar and that he deceived the judge, and jury, and the legal process. a motion was made to dismiss the case. the judge thought about it a while, creating a tense atmosphere before denying it. saying, i will deny the motion because this is a jury trial. if a judge was decided, things might be different." >> any attorney would be offended if they were perceived that the state was producing testimony that the prosecutor himself said deceive the jury. -- deceive the jury.
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>> two candidates from baltimore county and are trying to make as much noise as the two men running for governor. they spared today on a number of issues john the midday show. >> republican can hold cast themselves as a fiscal conservative. kent holtz castan hol himself as a fiscal conservative. >> i think it is time for new ideas and that is why i am running. >> the democratic candidate says he is also conservative. >> why i'm able to address your right now without written notes in front of me reading a script. i can tell you right away that
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baltimore county is a county that has a balanced budget. we have a healthy surplus. >> their contrasting philosophies generated a lively discussion. >> it does not appear to me that fiscal conservatism would allow you to establish a pension, paying yourself and members of the county council 100% benefits. >> i would get 80% of my highest salary -- >> which was the case prior to conducting a study for reform. >> correct. >> then future members will get 60%. that is a difference. >> you wanted it to impact potentially two council members that were returning to the council, which, in the big picture, you certainly have -- >> you keep interrupting me. it is an interesting style of governing that you are a dancing bear. >> i would like to use a school board nominating convention where the pta essentially
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service nominees and it goes to the governor for approval. >> only if they have taxing authority. >> they sparred over whether the county faces a budget deficit. >> it will be a larger shortfall in the future. how do you take care of the shortfall? >> you take money out of savings, which was done last year. or you move money at of capital projects. >> according to your calculation -- pardon me, there is no fact based on that. we had a shortfall last year because the state cut promised funds. >> cavanaugh questions hold credibility after learning he benefited from $33 million of radio ads. >> you know nothing about that? what does this to me is that you are either not being honest with us or you are telling us that
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your management style, that you do not know where the republican funny money is coming in from outsiders to influence a baltimore county election and you expect to operate a county government based upon not to? >> cavanaugh was questioned the need to have -- cavanaugh's questions included the need to have magnet schools at the elementary school level. you can check reports and so much more and click on "politics prequel -- "politics particl." a judge could dismiss foreclosure papers if an affidavit is filed.
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audits have found bogus affidavits. this all comes as a legitimacy of foreclosure filings across the country are being called into question. seniors eligible for social security will not be seeing a cost-of-living adjustment on their social security check for the second year in a row. the feds blame inflation. prices go up and economists. -- prices go up and economists predict when a tougher road ahead. >> you leases mcfadden is 74 and on a fixed income, but like many other retirees, he will might get an increase in his social security benefits next year. >> i used to give to my grands and migrate grands.
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>> last week, the social security a ministration announced it would not be giving out cost-of-living adjustments in 2011 because of sluggish inflation figures. >> now it is starting to accelerate. >> everyday expenses for millions of seniors are going up. >> the prices for food, medicine, medicare premiums will go up. utility and heating bills will go up. they will see it as they have to pay bills. >> according to a recent cnn report, the average cost for utilities are up 1.5% since last year. the cost for medical care is up 2.6%. seniors currently make up almost 20% of the population. their financial woes are predicted to have a far-reaching effect. >> there is a significant amount
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of people in the population that will feel a financial squeeze. that means there will not be spending to the extent that you would have or expect them to spend. >> especially is the case for like ulysses.ou lease >> we have more on a chilean miners. we also go inside the new senator theatre. >> , on camera, a nasty fight breaks out at disney world. -- caught on camera, a nasty fight breaks out at disney world. >> we do not want to see that. we did see some brisk wind today. the temperatures are dropping as
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i speak. it looks like a great weekend ahead. i will be coming up with your i will be coming up with your i like a party as much as the next gal but, come on. $60,000 for one dinner held by the department of justice. $66 per person just for bagels
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at one of the nasa's shindigs. i cracked down because big government shouldn't be funding big banquets with your money. some people say i'm a bit of a tightwad. i say, i'm barbara mikulski and i approve this message >> this is not supposed to happen up the happiest
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place on earth. the man climbs the driver did not let him on the bus. the driver says the bus was full. the entire ordeal was captured on a witness's cellphone. but the fact that the dad had a baby with them is what police say may lead to charges. >> the was holding his baby. he'll, like, pushes his baby to the bus driver and bus driver catches the baby. many hands it to the wife. >> the driver is on paid leave while the case is reviewed. now to the chilean miners who were trapped. questions linger about how they will hold up mentally. those answers will come over time. but today was filled with more celebration. the first group of miners release from the hospital went home today. 33 men were taken to the hospital.
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the first three men were greeted by an enthusiastic crowd. there were a lot of smiles as they walked out of the hospital. most are said to be doing well. two are dealing with serious health issues. >> there are a lot of x-rays. >> and for more on that amazing rescue, a different minor at a different location was killed on the job. four miners were trapped in a gold mine on at coors pacific coast. a heavy accumulation of water -- on ecuador's pacific coast. a heavy accumulation of water seems to me it collapsed. the center theater has taken its share of financial lumps.
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a lot of people thought the old senator was gone for good. but, with new owners, the theater has reopened and started showing movies again. >> the center has been here since 1939. or has been yearsar since 1939. there's something about this please the people of. >> it is a special place. i am glad to see it to reopen. >> i have seen it since i was 14. >> to me, it is history. i have been seen in forever. >> it reminds me of what my parents were used to. it is a home town feel. i just really loved it. >> inside, they were popping up the popcorn. outside, they were putting up posters for this week's first- run movie. for employees, this is a great day. >> it is a great place. i am so happy is opening up
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again. i really am. >> it this beautiful big screen at the center that people love. for many, coming here is like stepping back in time. >> this reminds me of memorial stadium. it is a piece of baltimore. it is very unique. you can see a movie on a he bge cannot see a movie on a huge screen anymore. -- you can see a movie on a huge screen. >> a lot more is in the plans. >> the center theater -- the senator seder is a city gem. >> while pop art prices have gone up a lot since 1939, the patrons do not seem to mind. what is it about this place? >> it is just different. it is like the old movies.
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it is nice. >> we are just hours away from the 10th annual baltimore running possible. tonight, we are a proud sponsor. we will be covering their race live from start to finish. you can just as bright and early add 7:55 a.m. they will be tracking the runners. if you want to send a message, send us a text and it will run along the bottom of the screen. you can keep sending them. of course, you can go over all the specifics again at >> thankfully, is the baltimore, md. half marathon. there are some places in
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northern vermont that have had 6 inches of snow and they are getting more snow tonight. more is expected to report of tomorrow. you can easily see that with the satellite imagery. where you see all that pain got there, that is up near where they are getting that snow. that is a nor'easter. the center is moving slowly to the gulf of maine. it is creating showers over new england and high wind. we are still seeing some breezy conditions, but we have cleared out nicely tonight. in the meantime, temperatures are dropping out there. it is 51 degrees out at the airport. it is pretty breezy for this time of the night. we're looking at 40 m.p.h. when downtown. -- we're looking at 14 miles per hour wind downtown. tomorrow, there will be abundant son. that should be good for the runners.
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again, we are clearing out and the breezes are staying around. there will be abundant son in the mountains of western maryland. by tomorrow afternoon, we will be into the mid-60's. that is not that far off the mark. as we had a cross the chesapeake bay to the lower eastern shore, we will deal with mid-60's and plenty of sun as well. the nor'easter is moving offshore. we have high pressure moving in. the contrast is causing the wind to really gust. we will have a breezy conditions for the first part of tamartomo. things are looking good out there. by tenee and, after you have been running for a while, it will be 58 degrees -- by 10:00 a.m., after you have been running for a while, it will be
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58 degrees. tomorrow, there will be dealing with the aftermath of that nor'easter. in the seven-day forecast, we have a high of 65 degrees tomorrow, 69 degrees on monday, and a low-60's on monday and tuesday. our best shot of showers will come on wednesday. >> you give us great weather for some high school football. we have a fabulous rivalry. we have another unbelievable engines for maryland madness. >> for the jackpot, all you have to do is match although white
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balls and the mega ball. the numbers tonight are 31, 10, 9, 50. our final white ball is 13. it is time now for the golden mega ball. it is 10. matched all six numbers and it matched all six numbers and it could be
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bob ehrlich says he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust.
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>> high school football, for the first time, we finally have that true football weather. the extra point game of the week is a showdown with liberty and century. let's start things off in the first quarter. he is fighting his way toward the end zone. he sets up a touchdown. ryan throws a dover to tj o'brien. 53. the century defense is not letting them back in this one. he tripped up kevin prize for the sack. in baltimore, area and
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christian takes on the eagles. look at the little feller go. that is a great cutback. he raises 73 yards for the touchdown. he is off and running. there is that man again, james anderson. 12 yards and are all he needs this time for a touchdown. in the second quarter, he has enough speed to score. it was 30-0 at the half. for more, check out, your home on the web for the area high school football. the raids had the chance last time -- the ravens had the chance last time to beat the patriots. how could you be that guy in his house? it turned up to be a simple
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answer. put pressure on even the best and they will eventually crack. 27 points. there repeatedly force ready to throw before he was ready. the result was three interceptions. brady bounced back this year, as you expect. >> the thing about brady and pavement, they are generals. you hate to use that because it's kind of quirky, but they are generals on the field. they have total control. they understand the offense. they understand their opponent. the interest -- they understand their opponents' strengths and weaknesses. >> maryland madness continues
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today. they are psyched about this season for the women's team. williams to the tune of "top gun." his team will rely heavily on junior sean mosley. he has some work to do. he needs to be a star. but that is still a month away. it is about fun and tradition. >> maryland basically started midnight madness and we have to keep the tradition going. teams are practicing, but that is not the intent of today. it is to give back to the fans for what they have given back to us, for the last 22 years for me. >> indeed, that was a good time at college park. new york vs. texas, the first ever alcs.
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the rangers had a 5-0 lead. the yankees rallied for six in a row. they are in the bottom of the eighth. new york is in front 6-5.
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>> this is a good running weather. >> absolutely. it will be a little breeze in the morning, but still planning
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of sun. >> as long as you go through the hardest part, it can push you along. >> it is 26.2 miles. and it will be 69 degrees, seasonable, and sunny. then we will be into the low- 60's for the beginning of next week. you will leave an umbrella on wednesday. it will be cooler thursday and friday. >> you both will be out there tomorrow morning. >> bright and early. >> 7:55 a.m. have a good night. good luck to all the runners tomorrow. enjoy it. have a good one.
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bob ehrlich is desperate, and he'll say anything to get elected. negative attacks the media have repeatedly called "dishonest" and "total malarkey." and why can't we trust bob ehrlich? because he raised taxes and fees by $3 billion
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then denied it... because he says he's for us, but made $2.5 million at a special interest lobbying firm. and ehrlich says he'll cut education again if elected governor. bob ehrlich-- a career politician we really can't trust.


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